Apply for the 2019 Concordia Forum

We read every application and only send invitations to hand-picked applicants who show leadership.

Although it goes against our instincts to be exclusive in our membership, we found out long ago that when we gathered together serious change makers with a record of leadership and activity, we could help make incredible things happen.

If you think you have what it takes to join a discerning network that will help you maximise your potential, apply now to be considered for invitation for this year's retreat. For those who join, the Concordia Forum can be a resource to help you be a better global citizen and excel in your endeavours.

The costs of the Concordia Forum retreat are paid for by its attendees and subsidised by sponsorship and donations from alumni. However, no applicant will be denied the opportunity to attend if they demonstrate leadership and financial need.

A scholarship fund is set up every year to allow leaders from the arts and non-profit sectors in particular to participate at reduced costs. If you are invited to this year's Concordia Forum and can demonstrate such need, we can discuss these options.

The 2019 Concordia Forum will be taking place at an exclusive retreat in Canada in October.

Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee an invitation.

support for Concordia

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton

For the first time ever for a Muslim-run organisation of our kind, a former Secretary of State and previous presidential candidate has taken the time to wish us well.

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