2018 Concordia Forum

Caux Palace, Switzerland


The 2018 Concordia Forum took place in the Caux Palace near Geneva, Switzerland. Some 200+ alumni and new participants attended from around Europe, Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and beyond. As with all Concordia Forum retreats, participation was invitation-only. You can apply now for the opportunity to be invited to the 2019 Concordia Forum.

Delegates are invited on the basis of their proven track record of innovative work, leadership potential, and passion to give something back to their communities. Financial assistance is available for those who have demonstrated such leadership, but have limited financial means.



As with previous retreats, spots for the 2018 Concordia Forum sold out weeks before the event. Caux Palace is an exclusive semi-rural venue, located away from the distractions of modern life and surrounded by stunning natural beauty. Concordia Forum retreats are opportunities to clear the mind and revitalise the spirit among new and old friends. 

The heart of the Forum consists of strategic networking sessions, workshops, and discussions on issues including political changes and conflicts in the Muslim world, social justice issues, grassroots organising, and media narratives with keynote speeches from international leaders.


Illustrious speakers & participants include:
German politician Sawsan Chebli;

British Philanthropist Mohamed Amersi;

Members of parliament RUshanara Ali, Syed Kamall, Yasmin Qureshi, Naz Shah, Sayeeda Warsi; Influencer Amena Khan;

Lord Mayor of Sheffield Magic Majid
among others.



The event featured opportunities to to collaborate on delegate-driven projects for common good, leveraging the resources provided by the Concordia Forum’s network.

Through the Synergizer sessions, participants were selected to present their own projects. The Concordia Forum has directly facilitated hundreds of thousands of dollars in financial and in-kind support between its members.


Additionally, the retreat included various types of entertainment and team-building activities as well as nights of performance, music, poetry, and dance. The UK's Khayaal Theatre performed, as did comedians Nazeem Hussain (Australia), Tez Ilyas (UK) and Mona Aburmishan (USA).

A visit to Switzerland's most popular historical site, Chillon Castle on the banks of Lake Geneva and a stunning concert by virtuoso Zeshan B. and his band concluded our formal programming of the retreat.


All discussions at the Concordia Forum retreat are held under the Chatham House Rule, which allows people to express independent views and encourages free discussion. Social media use during the event is prohibited to protect privacy and minimise security risks. 


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